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Side Sleeper Airplane Travel Pillow

Brand: Generic




6 reviews

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Love the jetting flights but not the uncomfortable neck positions with back pain?

See why our side sleeper travel pillow is one of the top rated long flights travel pillows with side support. It is the neck pain buster and the jet lag eliminator. Your best mate offering all-around head support to sleep better on planes. It prevents head tilting and sliding. No more "oops sorry," to your neighbor! Sleep well and get there better rested starting today!

Key Benefits:

All-Round Support: Ergonomic design for 360° head support, preventing tilting or sliding. Adjustable cords for personalized comfort.

Cooling Ice Silk Fabric: Removable pillowcase for a breathable, skin-friendly experience. Machine washable for hassle-free maintenance.

Best Choice for Travel: Lightweight travel bag reduces pillow size by half. Ideal for airplanes, cars, buses, trains, office rest, and home comfort.

Innovative double core foam: Its tough exoskeleton can support a 9 pounds bowling ball and remain virtually undeformed, while its ergonomic design keeps your neck and back in place while sleeping.

Brand: Generic

Color: Gray

Package includes:

- 1 x travel pillow

- 1 x travel storage bag

Get there better rested! Avoid the jet lag and get a head start on your next travel adventure!

Why this pillow could Be right for you?


All-Round Support

Ergonomic design for 360° head support, preventing tilting or sliding. Adjustable cords for personalized comfort.


Cooling Ice Silk Fabric

Removable pillowcase for a breathable, skin-friendly experience. Machine washable for hassle-free maintenance


New Double core foam

Two core foam offers rigidity and strength on all sides to keep your head from bobbing sideways or even forward

No More Bobbing

High support sides prevent your head from falling sideways and bending your neck


Easy To Fold

Easily carry it folded inside its baggy or ready to be used on your luggage


Embrace The Journey

Beat the jet lag and get there rested!


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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order ship?

We usually ship all orders within 1 - 3 business days.

When will my order arrive?

Most orders arrive within 4-8 business days within the USA and 5-15 business days anywhere in the world. Customs delays may affect shipping times for international orders.

Will I have to pay duties?

All US orders will not be charged duties. Other countries may be charged extra duties. This is outside our control.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee for US customers. Just send back your order within 30 days for a full refund. For international orders shipping may be expensive to return the item(s) although we will work with our international customers in case any replacements may be needed or if a package is damaged in transit.

Can I wash the Pillow?

Absolutely! Simply unzip the eyelet cover and toss it in the machine or wash it by hand. Remember, though, the memory foam should not be washed to maintain its shape and properties.

How do I expand the pillow fully?

Allow 24 hours for the pillow to reach its full expansion. It's worth the wait for the ultimate comfort during your travels.

Can I use it outside of travel?

Certainly! The pillow is versatile—use it as a lumbar support at the office, a car headrest, or even as a wedge pillow for hard surfaces like your office desk or when camping.


6 reviews


Verified purchase

This neck pillow holds your head up right, and because it wraps around the entire neck without a gap under your chin, if your head falls forward, your chin is supported.

Alexis | Windows On The South

Verified purchase

This is amazing if you struggle with neck comfort while trying to sleep on an airplane. I can’t wait to use on my next flight!

Mehul Suthar

Verified purchase

It's good for long necked support. If you can stretch at least 6 inches comfortably then go for them

Olivia Roy

Verified purchase

I take a frequent car trip and always end up with neck pain. I've often had other pillows that I'll put around my neck, but with my longer neck it seems like my chin always tips forward and still end up with sore neck. Super soft and comfortable. I haven't had to clean it yet so I'm not sure how it holds up in that scenario but appreciate the quality of it!


Verified purchase

I have such a hard time sleeping on planes unless I’m by the window and can leave my head on the wall, then I snooze away! But I recently had a series of plane rides where I was in the middle seat or aisle each time and arrived, exhausted and grumpy to all my destinations- so unless you want to pay extra to choose a window seat, it’s too much of a gamble! The pillows you buy at the airport or most places are honestly too soft for me, my neck just squishes it right down and I’m left with it hanging on the side. I needed something to mimic the wall, as if I were in a window seat, where my head stays upright-ish. This pillow did the trick, you can tighten tue drawstring to make it tighter or looser depending on the angle you’re feeling. Best part is it’s sturdy! It’s not the squishy kind with the little beanies, or even the memory foam which, maybe my head is heavy but it also just smooshes right down. I also love the little case, keeps it clean and protected so I can just clip it to my backpack- they don’t buy it just for that, it’s kind of just a drawstring bag.

Lauren S

Verified purchase

I ordered a few different options for our 9 hour flight, and this was by far my boyfriend's favorite. It wasn't tall enough for my long neck, but fit his great. It does have very supportive walls to it and is still comfortable.


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