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Apr 28, 2024

T. Olson

I'm one of those people that can never sleep on a plane, no matter how long the flight is. I've tried many types of pillows and nothing helped. I had a 12 hour flight coming up and decided to give this one a try. Best decision ever! I had several hours of good sleep and felt so much more rested. For me, I found that leaving the pillow a little loose around my neck made it more comfortable and allowed me to tilt my head slightly.

Apr 19, 2024


I had this neck pillow and accidentally left it on the plane. Debated getting a cheaper version, but decided not to risk the chance of having it not as comfortable. Very comfortable to use when flying on long trips and needing to sleep on the plane.

Apr 11, 2024

Gregory T. Stephens

On the one hand, this did the job. My head was supported on my recent trans-Atlantic round-trip flights (10 hours and then 12 hours back), and my neck did NOT suffer strain. I was able to sleep about as well as I could. On the other hand, I did feel like my neck was in a brace. You know how actors playing Batman often have to move their entire torso to just look left or right? You may have to do that. Over time, it did get warm, and I did take it off from time to time, but I wasn't sleeping then anyway. Recommended for doing the job, but with reservations, because it's still not as comfortable as you might want. I have yet to find the perfect travel pillow.

Mar 19, 2024


I tested several neck pillows, and this one seemed the sturdiest. It worked well for my 14 hour flights between the US and New Zealand. I'm a side sleeper--I don't know if that matters--but I felt supported with head lying to one side as well as with head tilted forward. In either case, the head does not flop around, nor does it tilt too much. It can be a little warm, but not really an issue for me. It's pricey, but worth it for the sleep I got. Will be getting some for family members.

Mar 4, 2024


The first time I put on this pillow, I thought it was more comfortable than any other travel pillow I have used. It was soft and comforting to the point where I just want to sit there and take a nap. Some reviewers don't like the different or asymmetrical sides, but I like it and love to snuggle into the taller side tucking in my ear. It does ok with my super small earbuds but my Airpod pros get uncomfortable as it puts pressure on the top part of my ears. I like the support around my neck and love the super soft feel on my face. However, not all pillow are made equally. I gave my first pillow to my wife to try and she immediately stole it, so I had to buy another one. I purchased 4 more before I was able to find one with the same feel. I bought them in multiple colors and was surprised to find that each one had its own feel. One was more firm while another was not snug enough. I suggest that if you give these pillows a try, and I suggest you do, don't let anyone else try it or they may steal it away. When it comes to cost, it is more expensive than even the highest rated pillows out there. I have tried many of them and prefer to pay a little more for being able to sleep comfortably on a long trip. As far as carrying and storing this pillow, I will admit that I have to roll it up for other members of my family as it takes a little hand strength to shrink it down to fit in the carrying bag. I use a backpack and it fits nicely in the larger compartment with no problem. It is about the same as my previous neck pillow.

Feb 9, 2024

Francine H.

Treat for myself, as I am planning travel this year. My old travel pillow has seen better days and this one really supports my head and neck. Perfect for sleeping in a chair and not having to worry about slumping onto another passenger during a flight/bus trip.

Feb 5, 2024


Used this on a 12 hour flight and it helped me get some actual rest.

Jan 26, 2024

Jennifer Super

Very comfortable and rolls up nice

Jan 23, 2024


Comfortable and nice to wear when traveling

Jan 22, 2024


Best neck pillow ever. I think there is no other word to describe the product. Just buy it. You will understand

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