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Truenga™ Snooze Neck Travel Pillow




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Love jetting out to new destinations but wish you could sleep better on the plane?

The Truenga™ Neck Travel Travel Pillow not only does it prevent our heads from nodding off but also adds back support. And with a built in hoodie to  block the light you can drift off to a nice sleep. Meant to be used multiple ways, you can totally skip the jet lag, sleep better on planes and arrive better rested.

Say goodbye to discomfort and sleepless flights! Engineered with its 6-in-1 functionality, the Truenga™ pillow is your secret weapon against aching necks on those long flights. Easily adapting to every sleeping position, Truenga™ hears you loud and clear. Sleep well and comfortably. Get there without the jetlag!


Why they choose our pillow?


Ergonomic design

Supports your neck relieving pressure points, making it ideal for long flights. Sleep better and feel better upon arrival!


Memory Foam Bliss

Its high quality memory foam is soft and comfortable. It stays cool and folds easily around your neck.


6-In-1 Use

Your neck pillow can also be used for long road trips. Use it as a car seat cushion, sleeping pad or even a bed cover.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order ship?

We usually ship all orders within 1 - 3 business days.

When will my order arrive?

Most orders arrive within 5 - 7 business days within the USA and 5 - 12 business days anywhere in the world. However due to the current situation around the world there might be a slight delay at the border for international customers.

Will I have to pay duties?

All US orders will not be charged duties. Other countries may be charged extra duties. This is outside our control.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee for US customers. Just send back your order within 30 days for a full refund. For international orders shipping may be expensive to return the item(s) although we will work with our international customers in case any replacements may be needed or if a package is damaged in transit.

Can I wash the Truenga™ Travel Pillow?

Absolutely! Simply unzip the eyelet cover and toss it in the machine or wash it by hand. Remember, though, the memory foam should not be washed to maintain its shape and properties.

How do I expand the pillow fully?

Allow 24 hours for the pillow to reach its full expansion. It's worth the wait for the ultimate comfort during your travels.

Can I use it outside of travel?

Certainly! The Truenga™ Travel Pillow is versatile—use it as a lumbar support at the office, a car headrest, or even as a wedge pillow for hard surfaces like your office desk or when camping.


35 reviews

Model Laura M Corbin

Verified purchase

I've gone through the lot of neck pillows and this is THE ONE! A little background: I have chronic pancreatitis and for many people with this illness, sleeping upright or at a 45 degree angle is necessary. No more sleeping flat. So, when I fall asleep, my neck is usually kinked when I wake up. Because of this, I've bought and tried lots of neck pillows but none ever have the support that this one provides. I am REALLY impressed with the quality and staying power. All you do is take it put of the bag, wait maybe 10 minutes and it's ready to use. It totally stops my head from rolling to either side which has completely eliminated any neck problems when I wake up and also helps me to sleep more than just a few hours at a time. It may seem expensive but it is SO WORTH IT. I loved it so much that I got one as a father's day gift for my "dad" aka my caregiver and friend and he absolutely loves it, too. I'm very small and thin 5' 4", he's a heavy guy about 6'2" and the pillow size works just as well for both of us. SO happy I found this one, it has helped with my pain so much more than I could've hoped for! Buy it!! You cab thank me later!! :P


Verified purchase

This design is so far off from any other travel pillow design that I hesitated to buy this one over one of the taller buttcheek looking ones that remind me of snorlax and are essentially the same design as other travel pillows just a bit taller in 4 points. I decided to order this one because I figured I could always return it, so why not just try the tallest pillow I could get my hands on? I put it on the day it arrived and the first impression wasn’t anything notable. I was disappointed to find that I could still move my head left and right quite a bit, but happy to find at least my chin and the back of my head were VERY well-supported. Again, this was the tallest pillow I could find, so I figured oh well, I’m going to have that issue with ANY travel pillow on the market. I took a nap propped up against a body pillow and leaning on my window. My lORD it was such a good nap! The foam is perfect and honestly… my head didn’t move much side-to-side since there’s quite a bit of front and back support so it stayed relatively aligned with my spine. I still wish it was just a teeeeeny bit taller on the sides but as it stands, this pillow is 5 stars and worth the money and extra space it takes up in your luggage.

Verified purchase

I used mine on a 12 hour flight and it was much better than those smaller round pillow filled with beads. This keeps its shape and supports my head much better. I turned it sideways and rested the side of my head on it. That seemed to be the best position for good neck support. To completely pull the strings and tighten the pillow completely was uncomfortable so I left it a little loose. It seems a little too high in the front to completely close it.


Verified purchase

Ok ok so it looks like a neck brace-but that is the genius of it! I travel a lot and always buy the standard u shaped neck pillows and wanted to find something that didn't allow my head to "bob" forward/backward or to the sides. This was perfect. First test run was on a 9 hr flight and it truly allowed me to sleep. I can see if you have a shorter/thicker neck it may not be as comfortable. However if you are average-buy this one-You'll love it!

Kathryn Fox

Verified purchase

Super comfortable - no more kinked neck after flying. My meds make me sleepy so I end up sleeping even when I don't want to. This will help significantly to keep me from waking up with a sore neck. As far as "inflation" goes - its just memory foam - so it expands in just a couple minutes after you unroll it. People complaining about the bag - bag is fine - it's just hard to keep all the air squeezed out while putting in the bag - so I used a gallon zip lock. I roll it up - put in ziplock and close all but a small section then roll tighter and squeeze all the air out of the bag then seal. It fits in the little duffle bag that way. Honestly I don't know why it has to go in the bag- just slide it over roller bag handle and carry it that way.


Verified purchase

I read Andy Costa's review and went for it. Worn backwards it really keeps your head from falling forward. So far it is the only travel pillow that has worked. Many in the garbage. It was a nice surprise indeed I could get it back in its traveling bag! A good buy! You just have to wear it backwards!


Verified purchase

Get it and enjoy good sleep while traveling. Great support and comes in nice bag to keep it clean. The thickness and height gives great neck support and keep your head from bobbing.


Verified purchase

Memory foam is the way to go! No more wobbling head as you sleep on a tour bus or plane. This pillow gives you great neck support. This pillow also folds into a manageable case to fit inside of your carry-on bag. No more unsightly u-shaped travel pillow slung over a luggage handle advertising your tourist status.


Verified purchase

We bought 2 for our recent travel. They both worked great. Compact when folded and fit in its carry on bag.


Verified purchase

It's a very comfortable pillow and the first one I've tried that keeps my head from nodding forward when I fall asleep. Even though it's pretty large, you can compress the memory foam to roll it up into its little travel bag to reduce the size quite a lot, so it doesn't take up much space when you're not using it.

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